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The Medical Faculty of Aristotle with its A1613/22-11-04 decision in order to implement the foundation of a Museum of History for the Medical Faculty has established a committee, chaired by Professor N. Kokkas. The Committees’ aim is to collect, maintain, record, classify, safe-keep and promote all types of sources and materials relating to the history, function and activities of all kinds, of the Medical Faculty. In the No. 218/12-02-08 sheet of the Government Newspaper the No.9594/V1 decree entitled "Establishment of the Museum of the History of Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and definition of its bylaws" was published. Under this regulation, the museum is not only an exhibition but it also has a research and educational nature

During its tenure, the Commission has built, furnished and equipped two rooms with electronic equipment. In the first room which is located next to the Archives of the School, the doctoral theses of old and new faculty of the School are collected, recorded and archived. So far there are 1500 theses registered. In the second room, within the foreign languages teaching hall, which can be visited, are collections of items and paraphernalia that are relevant to the development and operation of the school, such as old medical equipment, photographs, personal items of former professors, books and everything that can be salvaged and is reminiscent of the history of our Faculty. Also, under the decision 3/11-11-08 of the Board the Faculty of Medicine allocated two rooms in the basement beneath the large auditorium as a storage space. This space is already utilised. Provisions are being made in the new facilities of the Medical Faculty for 200 m2 in the ground floor of the new building, to be used for permanent installation of the Museum

So far they have collected and recorded more than two hundred items and paraphernalia, a large number of books used by medical students over time, all scientific Yearbooks and about eighty leather-bound first edition Doctoral Thesis.

The museum is planned to include the following sections:
1. Department of Historical Archives
2. School library of training and study materials
3. Department of items, collections and mementos
4. Film and photograph gallery
5. Art collection
6. Department of Conservation, photography and digital scanning
7. Department of public relations and event organization

The coordinator of the Committee
B.A. Kokkas
Professor of Pharmacology

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