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Undergraduate Studies

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Postgraduate Studies

  • MASTERS of Medical Informatics (Interdepartmental)
    1. α) Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (MA) in the fields of Medical Informatics:
    2. 1) Medical Information Management
    3. 2) Biomedical Engineering
    4. 3) Medical Telematics
    5. β) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Medical Informatics

The cycle of Postgraduate Studies, Aristotle University Medical School (ΠΜΣΙ). (PMSI) lasts 4 semesters. After a successful dissertation in the fourth period, leads to a Master degree in Medical Research Methodology in one of the following 3 lines:

    1. 1. Clinical Medical Research
    2. 2. Basic Medical Research
    3. 3. Social Medicine Research

The Inter-University - Graduate Program in Medical Physics – Radiation Physics works in collaboration with the University of Athens (School of Medicine, Department of Physics, Biology Department) and the Medical Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki University of Ioannina, Democritus University of Thrace and University of Crete and institutionalized cooperation with the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) and NCSR "Demokritos". The administration control is with the Medical School of Athens University. For the MSc, teaching is done by faculty members of cooperating university departments, scientists from NCSR Demokritos, faculty members of the NA Polytechnic and the University of Patras, and medical doctors from radiation physics and radiation laboratories of hospitals of the country

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